Amber Manicure Heater

Amber Manicure Heater

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Women generally head towards the nearby salon to get themselves pampered with the manicure. But if someone wants to try their hand on it then there are some of the essentials to be present like a nail file, tweezers, orange stick, nail polish remover, nail polish etc.

One may feel that spa manicure and salon manicure is the same thing. Although they apply the same basics still there is a hell lot of difference between them. So Spa manicures are a little bit expensive than the salon manicures. Spa manicure techniques are more of pampering sort as compared to the salon manicure. Although basic cleaning, massaging, shaping and painting are common to both but paraffin wax treatment is added to the spa manicure.

Paraffin wax which is to be applied to the client’s hands is melted. Amber manicure heater is most commonly used to heat the wax. Amber manicure heaters are costlier than other heaters. It consists of ten disposable cups with easy to use temperature-controlled warmer. Although unlike other warmers there is no need to clean the sticky wax just the cup is to be thrown after the use and the spilt wax can be wiped out using the cloth. Wax is a very messy substance which dries and hardens.

Wax is heated and melted. Hands are dipped into the wax to relax the skin. Otherwise, the wax is evenly spread all over the hand. After the wax dip, the hands are wrapped with cloth to retain the warmth.

Nowadays mostly plastic covers are used to cover the hands. Paraffin wax is infused with other flavours like Aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil, azulene; peach, apple and strawberry are also used in salons. After the wax hardens manicurist proceeds with the further manicure procedure.

These Amber manicure heaters can also be included in your home manicure kit very easily. It is to be used when we you go for moisturizing. To utilize it in your home manicure kit you need to first scrub off the nail paint on nails, wash the hands properly then soak them in water. Then pat dry the hands properly using the towels. Then gently apply the heated lotion. Massage it around the cuticles for some time. Pay special attention to the cuticle area. Nails become softer due to the moisture provided by the wax. Then afterwards start polishing the nails which will strengthen them. The wax effect will leave the hands feeling smooth for the days to follow.

If you are planning to gift your closed ones a manicure kit then including amber manicure warmer will be an apt thing. Amber manicure heater is a great gift to be presented to your near ones who are thinking of buying a manicure kit. Amber manicure heaters are very easy to use due to disposable wax cups.

So if you feel tired of daily rat race then pampering your hands with wax option will be a very elegant idea. The end results will be more enduring.