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best sunscreen for body

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Gone are the days when we basked in the sun or at least without first applying sunscreen. In our youth we tried various ways to darken our skin and lighten our hair with the power of the sun. Then came the days of the tanning beds. All the while we were damaging our skin and putting ourselves at risk for the big "C", cancer. No longer do we sunbath with oils or butter and our eyes have been opened to the effects of tanning beds.

Skin cancer kills more than 10,000 people per year, according to an article published by the FDA. There are three main types of skin cancer. Melanoma is not the most common but is the deadliest. It is responsible for two thirds of those 10,000 deaths. The other two types are basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. These are usually referred to as non-melanoma skin cancer. Basal Cell Carcinomas is the most common form of skin cancer, followed by squamous cell carcinomas.

The old saying, "Knowing is half the battle", could not be more true when speaking about preventing skin damage from the sun. Now that we know what damages the sun can cause we now need to implement practices to protect us from that damage.

These two forms are very treatable but don't let that fool you as they also can become deadly. Skin cancer has been on the rise between 1980 and 1989 non-melanoma skin cancer raised 65% and melanoma skins cancer raised 21%. Skin cancer does not have an age requirement; it affects people of all ages.

UV light is what we want to protect ourselves from and there is now an entire market aimed at doing just that. From sunscreen to protective clothing there are numerous ways to protect us and loved one's each day. Associated Content Producer, Brittany Lane, recently published an article titled, "How to Make the Most of Your Sunscreen". In this article Brittany covers such topics as how to choose the proper sunscreen and when to apply that sunscreen for optimal effect. Sunscreen must be applied at least 15 minutes before the sun ever touches your skin and then reapplied according to the instruction on the bottle.