French Manicure Designs

French Manicure Designs

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Today women have a variety of manicure options to select from but still, most of them prefer to go for French Manicures. Universal appeal carved by the French Manicure makes it popular amongst women of all ages. The basic French Manicure will start with the application of light pink or nude base coat and white paint at the tip of the nails. But the experimentation with the style has given the French Manicure new dimension. Today one can maintain a simple and elegant look or make it more complex based on the situation by incorporating some designs.

Women normally head towards Nail salons to have their French Manicure. Although there are many French Manicure kits available in Market which may be helpful to successfully craft the simple French manicure on fingernails. Nail salons are well equipped with the techniques and talents to offer more French manicure designs. Airbrushing machine is used to paint the tip of the nails white. Manicurists can conjure up more complex French manicure designs by using Airbrushing. Sometimes thematic French Manicure designs can be applied like holiday designs, natural designs, and designs suited for festival seasons like Swarovski rhinestones for marriage seasons. Designs of flowers, trees and letter initials, flicks, dots, gutters are commonly used.

Embedding shiny stones are becoming the fashion statement. These stones are either fixed on the nails by using tweezers or by using little glue.

Then they are coated using a clear topcoat. This coat will seal the stones and prevent them from chipping out. Either these stones can be applied on one nail or to other nails as one may desire.

Nail tattoos are one of the very popular of all French manicure designs. These tattoos are directly transferred to nail using the printed paper. Then they are covered with a top coat of polish which will maintain the longevity. There are a plethora of Nail tattoo designs in the market. It’s only up to the salon how many of them they offer. French manicure designs are also created using Acrylic, fibreglass and UV gels. These enhancement mediums when topped with White paint at the tip gives the design its completion. Permanent French manicure designs can be applied on nails using real dried flowers, acrylic shapes, glitters, and bullion beads.

The Anti-French Manicure designs are also gaining popularity. Their logic is opposite to French manicure where the nail is polished with a white coat and the tip of the nail is painted with Pink. Other popular versions in use nowadays are the glittering tips that are added than the white coloured tips.

Advance in techniques and changing fashion senses are offering women to choose from a plethora of options. So other than just the simple look one can go for experimenting with more enduring French Manicure designs.