French Manicure

French Manicure

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Women who want to pamper themselves with luxuries of the manicure are well aware of the importance of the French Manicure. French Manicure is the most popular of all manicure techniques done by women around the world. The French Manicure always remains in demand because of the elegant and simple look that exudes. French Manicure has got Universal appeal that can go well with any occasion be it a routine day, weddings, proms, special events, parties etc.

The Fashion experts are divided into camps over the history of French Manicure. Some say that it was French manicure was invented by Max Factor in the 1930's for the fashion lovers of Paris. But popularly it is known that French Manicure was invented by Jeff Pink, president of popular Manicure Company Orly in the 1970’s when he noticed that models used white pencils to colour the tip of their nails.  The idea of creating a fashion trend seized him and the end results were very trendy. The term “Original French Manicure was trademarked by Orly in 1978 and it produced the first home manicure kit. This home manicure kit contained of translucent pink shell colour, a clear bottle of all-in-one top/bottom coat, a bottle of nail tip whitener. Paper guides were included to mask off the nail tips so that women can create a stunning, perfect look.

Although French manicures are still available in the form mentioned above today they offered with many other embellishments. Also one can choose from three types of base colors likely Beige, Pink and Pearly white. To give an extra kick up effect several experimentations are performed with colour blends, stick-on stones, lilacs, gemstones etc.

Several French manicure kits are available in the market which can be easily applied at home but to achieve a very professional and trendy look always good to head towards the salon.

French Manicure tips

Prepare your hands before applying the nail paint coat. Massage, wash and dry your hands.

File your nails by using a nail file. If your nails have a tendency to split then keep them flat at the ends with smooth and rounded edges.

Apply one coat of base coat over the entire nail and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. This will strengthen the nails. In case of smooth nails use ridge fillers.

For obtaining a square looks paint straight line across the tips. For round follow the curve along with the nails, and for a pointed look just paint in from each side to the centre.

Finally apply the coat of translucent shell pink, beige or pearl white over entire nail to seal the whitened tip and complete the look. Allow 10 minutes to dry. Applying clear and glossy coat will get extra shine and protection to nails.

Women with short nails need not worry as their nails are given acrylic tips during French Manicure. These tips are placed on the fingernails they are cut down to size as per one's choice and sanded so that they blend with the actual nail. The acrylic foundation is then applied to nails to make it smooth and even. Further, all techniques of French Manicure can be applied.

Art of applying French Manicure can be learnt from various sites and guidebooks which will guide you through the procedures.