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Caring for nails have become a very regular beauty routine because of the awareness that nails are the barometers of health. Today we find more and more people rushing to do easy manicures. Although basic manicure routines can be performed at home still people rush towards Nail salons for a professional touch. Starting a nail salon will legally require you proper licensing and insurance and ample space. Above all these requirements your business will thrive on availability of Manicure tools and skilled manpower.

To start with Nail Salon in a very noticeable place will be your first step towards a Manicure dream. Starting a salon in upright area of the city will be a very wise idea because most of the customers are driven by the visual appeal of the place. Next, the nail salons will need Manicure stations and tables. It is entirely the owners choose to have several Manicure stations or tables. One can have many manicure stations or just a single manicure station but it should be comfortable.

Manicure table can be very simple to very trendy depending on the resources. Attention must be paid towards designing Manicure stations and the accompanying accessories because of the comfort of the customer and manicurist heavily relies on it. The Manicure station should be adequate to carry all the necessary products and accessories that will aid during manicure session.

Each Manicure station should be empowered with an assortment of Manicure tools like Manicure bowls, nail fillers, cuticle nippers, nail clippers, tweezers, trimmers, cosmetic brushes, lotions, polishes etc. Cotton balls and orangewood stick are essential components in Manicure tools.

Manicure stations should have ample storage space so that all these Manicure tools and extra accessories like acrylic tips, gels can be stacked. Each station should have adequate lighting which will help the manicurist to judge their work and the customer to view the end results to their content.

Although the fancy upscale salon may offer some genuine hospitality to the clients upon their arrival by offering drinks. Then Clients will be escorted to the trendy manicure stations. Generally, such stations are very glamorous with antique furniture, expensive manicure stations, thematic chairs, leather armrests, jewellery cleaners etc. Such trendiness is directly reflected in the costs of the services. Whereas there will be salons around which may provide good services at just a fraction of cost.

The absence of frills will halve the prices at such salons. Services provided by such salons are almost the same but the prices vary due to the additional frills associated with Salon. The basic Manicure tools are the same at both salons. The services may sometimes vary like some salons may offer a base coat polish followed by a coat of colour and a top coat for shine protection and drying whereas some salons may only apply a layer of colour and dry your nails under the dryer.

At the end of the day, the glamour of the salon doesn't count what counts is the satisfaction of the customer and the day’s earnings. So wisely invest in Manicure tools and skilled Manicurists both of which will bring the desired end results.