What is one minute manicure?

What is one minute manicure?

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One minute manicure as the name suggests is the quick manicure options available in market. One minute manicure products are generally aimed at busy women who rarely find time for salon after a battling day at office and home. Many times due to hectic work schedule women fail to take care of their skin. The skin on hands is quick to show off once you stop to care for them.

Nowadays one minute manicure products are very much in demand. These are mostly made with home recipes not with formulas. These products help us to pamper our digits with care and within no time brings results. They are available in various scents. These one minute manicure products are so designed to initiate relaxation. All the available seasonal oils are mixed proportionately. Sea salts, cucumbers, melons, grape seeds, avocado, jojoba are some of the glamorous ingredients found in one minute manicure products.

Many of the women find spa and salon services very expensive. So these less expensive one minute manicure products are very much in demand. These one minute manicure products can be purchased from anywhere. Departmental stores, beauty stores, medical stores all stock them. Today there are several retail conglomerates who are devoted towards taking care of our external beauty products. Amongst other cosmetics they also offer their own version of one minute manicure products.

One may ask whether this one minute manicure can bring the desired results. Although they may lack the lusture of the salon or spa service but they bring very fast results. These products exfoliate, recondition and moisturize the skin.

Some antibacterial agents are also added for long lasting soft effect and protection. When rubbed on hands these products protect skin from reacting to harsh environmental conditions. Also much effort is not required for applying these products. Simply they require you to rub, rinse and pat dry within less time.

Although there are many versions of one minute manicures available in the market some are expensive and some are cheap. So if you are thinking lam only bothered about the results then why should I invest in expensive one minute manicure products? Then be aware there are several one minute manicure products which are cheap to buy but always perform the check on the ingredients involved in them. If some products contain the mineral oils then better not to compromise with the money because these mineral oils dry the skin.

Many of these products are highly concentrated. Unlike other cosmetic products good quality One minute manicure products are not greasy. They are prepared so as to absorb into the skin very easily. There are several therapies to wipe out the lines and wrinkles from the face but there are very few to lighten them on hands. So many of this one minute manicure products boast of softening the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin at hand.

This one minute manicure product is definitely a decadent, pampering experience but the great thing about it is that it’s truly affordable and takes only one minute. So working women who rarely get time for themselves should treat themselves with such pampering experience at least once a week.